Clever Recommendations To Help You With Bunker Ball Position

Ask the professionals and experts, they would claim that hitting the ball from the bunker is one of the easiest shots in the game. They back their claim with a solid reason. According to them, it’s possible to hit between 0.5 to 1.5-inch behind the ball and still get the shot right. The same won’t work on a fairway, they say.

The bunker shot might be a child’s play for the professionals. But, for the beginners and amateurs, it’s a shot that fills them with dread. You can replace fear with confidence by learning and perfecting the various elements of a perfect bunker shot. Like any other golf shot, you need to work on the setup, stance, ball position, posture, swing, and finish. Today we’ll be discussing a key element of the bunker shot – the ball position.

After selecting the right club for the bunker shot focus on the stance and the posture. Once that’s done, the next thing to consider is the ball position. For the bunker shots, does the ball position matter? Of course, it matters. Many factors determine where the ball should be placed. Keep in mind that the bunker isn’t an even surface, hence where the ball lands determine the perfect ball position in relation to your stance.

The low or high shot

Observe where the ball has landed. Are you going to play the low or the high shot? If the ball is in the greenside bunker, then most probably you’ll be playing the high shot. In a situation like this, the proper step to take is to move the ball slight forward in your stance. On the other hand, the ideal ball position will change if you’re to hit a low shot. Keep in mind that you will not be hitting the ball directly, but an inch or two behind the ball.

The swing path and ball position

The swing you play also determines the ball position. Players who have an outside-in swing path are advised against moving the ball forward in the stance. Moving the ball forward will make it difficult to hit the sand behind the ball. The ball will easily fly over the green. So, even for high shots don’t move the ball forward if you have an outside-in swing path.

We want to reiterate again, even though the ball position is only one of the many factors that determine the success of a bunker shot, it’s a very crucial element. Hence, pay special attention to the ball position when attempting a bunker shot.

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