4 Basic Criteria To Consider Before Buying An Iron Set

There is no one to blame than yourself if you hit a poor golf shot. Your clubs can do nothing without you. That said, it is obviously worth spending some time over selecting the clubs that suit you. When you start out you may just get a half set to see whether you are going to enjoy the game and stick with it. If you are ‘hooked’ then go ahead and buy taking into account a number of factors.

How good are you?

When it comes to buying irons, you will probably have an expectation of reaching a handicap below 20, average handicapper and one who no longer plays any air shots. Professionals and top amateurs generally hit blades but there are irons that are more forgiving that help average golfers to hit the shots they want. Some describe them as cavity back irons and they are manufactured by all the big names in golf because this is the mass market.

Which clubs do you want?

Many golfers find it easier to hit fairway clubs and rescue clubs rather than long irons. A 7 wood has loft and will hit the ball as far as a 5 iron. Few golfers now carry a 1 iron and realistically average golfers have little need for a 2 iron or a 3 iron. Remember you can only have 14 clubs in total in your bag. You will have a putter, perhaps 3 woods and a rescue club which leaves you with 9 irons, perhaps 4 to 9, pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge? The choice is yours.

Shaft forgiveness

More and more golfers are selecting graphite shafts; they are light yet strong. There are also the traditional stainless steel shafts and titanium shafts. However there are different flexes to consider as well. Average golfers should certainly not choose stiff shafts; they are purely for professionals and good amateurs who have quicker swing speeds than the average golfer. There are senior shafts and ladies shafts together with extra stiff, stiff and regular.

Shaft Length

The length is measured from the top of the grip to the club head. The length of the shaft controls the arc of the swing to a significant extent. If you are struggling for consistency you should not select a long shaft which will only increase your problems. This is certainly an area where your local professional can provide advice.

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