Quick Tips To Help You Organize Your Week-Long Golf Break

It’s fun to plan a holiday of any kind. When it comes to booking for a group to play golf then one of the popular Mediterranean destination in recent years is Faro on the Algarve in Portugal. Faro has its own airport so there is minimal travelling to and from your ‘port of arrival and departure.’ There is some rainfall in the winter but the climate is good enough to attract visitors for most of the year. The height of summer is most popular but with the weather so unpredictable in Northern Europe, golf is a real pleasure most of the time.

Find the Answers

There are a number of questions to ask yourself, and the other members of the party but ultimately you need to make decisions.

  • The first thing to do is to take control yourself. You will know how good the golfers in the family are. You need to select course that they will enjoy based upon their ability.
  • Go online and do your research to look at the best courses in the region.
  • Ask any questions of individual courses, including of course availability and cost.
  • Consider whether you want to book a hotel with its own golfing facilities or want independence to see more of the region and the courses further afield.
  • You will need to arrange transport, probably car rental to cover everyone and their golf clubs. That can be done online.
  • Sometimes there are package deals that provide a real service; if an agent is offering real value and has personal knowledge of the region that may be the route to take.
  • Decide whether you want to book your flights separately online if it appears a better alternative than an all-in package.
  • Finally look at the range of hotels, amenities and what the immediate vicinity has to offer.

Collect and Decide

It’s an information gathering exercise and the Internet is an ideal place to do that. The travel industry markets itself very effectively online and most good golf courses have websites that explain everything about themselves and their course. The ultimate decision on what to book will vary from group to group. The priority may be cost, or playing a particular course that will challenge the best on at least one of the days.

Portugal is a welcoming country with good golf and plenty to do during the rest of the day and night. Start your research.

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