Top 3 Strategies You Can Use To Lower Your Golf Handicap

The beauty of the game of golf is that a golfer always has a goal. If you are a golfer, you must have understood what we are trying to say. When you were a 20 handicap player, you wanted to be 15. When you became a 15 handicap, you want it to be a 10 handicap and so on. But, you must not make any haphazard attempts to lower your handicap. Follow the strategies mentioned below and you will surely get a help.

  • Chip and pitch the ball
  • When you reach the golf range, make it a point to warm up before you play hard. Take half swings. Try to concentrate well and make a good contact. The clubhead should rotate down the impact and take a follow through. Try to develop a smooth rhythm and do not take a forceful swing. Also, making good contact is important, not how far your ball goes. When you start hitting 8-12 good pitch shots, you can extend your backswing. Afterwards, you can work on your full swing. Now you can target your first tee.

  • Practice the short game also and play on different courses
  • You might not even remember when you had practiced your short game. Now is the time you should start doing it again. Pick up your putting club and practice it for 15 minutes before and after each round. You should also work on four-footers.

    In addition, you must play on different golf courses. We are not telling you to leave your home course. But, whenever you get an opportunity to play on a new course, do not miss it. If you keep playing on the same course, you tend to get overly comfortable with the course and it might restrict your handicap levels. You might be able to score lower on your home course but not on others.

  • Make a pre-shot routine
  • You might have seen the golfers in PGA tournaments, who have a pre-shot routine. They have the same routine for every time they go for a round. You might look at those players and give a goofy smile but it is important that you have your own customized pre-shot routine. The pre-shot routine helps you to settle down and blocks out any distractions on the golf course. The mental set-up given by this regime helps you to concentrate better on the game.

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