Easy Methods To Eliminate Common Golf Chipping Faults

Earlier, there used to be just one coaching standard to avoid chipping- ball back, weight forward, hands forward. But now, the game of golf is no more this simple. With the advent of a swarm of golf clubs and innovation of newest golf techniques, there is a lot more to avoid chipping. Let us go through a few such methods:

When you position the golf ball too much back in your stance, the clubshaft leans excessively and the clubface de-lofts. As a consequence, the club rises steeply during the backswing (as a result of excessive utilizing the wrists), before it is delivered very steeply on its way downwards. There is hardly any scope for error in such circumstances. This makes you dig the clubface in the ground or catch the golf ball thin. Look at the following tips to neutralize the set up position to make a coordinated action.

Try to have a neutral beginning position

Use your wedge and utilize its loft and bounce to the fullest.

  • Play the golf ball just a little ahead of middle.
  • Keep the shaft and handle a little forward of the target.
  • Your 60% of the weight should be on your left side if you are a right handed player of golf.
  • Take up a posture that permits you to position your sternum just a little ahead or over the ball.

When you adjust to the position mentioned above, your hands, club, arms and body will be in alignment. The effect of this harmony is that you can create circumstances about which stroke would be able to flow from your set up position.

How to have more consistent action of chipping

At your set up position, you can use an alignment cane to verify the point of your sternum. You must maintain this position throughout the swing. You must concentrate on the concord of the motion of your club, arms and hands; both through and back of the ball.

For practicing, you can focus on taking back the clubshaft to the original position of the set up. If you do it great, you will be able to release the shaft’s length into the golf ball, not only the face of the club. This also eliminates the inclination to hold off your shot. It is not very difficult to avoid chipping if you employ the right technique.

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