How To Increase Shot Height Using An Ultra Lob Wedge

The introduction of the lob wedge has solved a plaguing problem that has affected a large number of golfers for a long time. It now makes it possible to hit one of the toughest shots in golf with ease. The ultra lob wedge has a loft higher than other wedge clubs. The loft angle of a typical wedge club is 60 degrees and the highest loft angle is offered by the ultra lob wedge, which is 64 degrees. With an ultra lob wedge, golfers can make the ball fly high and land soft with negligible bounce. Golfers predominately use this type of wedge to hit the ball that sits on the lip of a bunker.

How to use the ultra lob wedge to increase shot height

The ultra lob wedge with 64 degree loft angle is built for steep golf strokes, but to achieve the result you want it’s essential you know how to use the club correctly. The following points will show the proper shot technique from setup to follow-through.

  • For effectively using an ultra lob wedge begin the setup with a narrow stance with the body weight distributed equally on both legs.
  • The ball must be positioned at the center of the stance. Now, turn your left leg slightly so that it points to the left of the target.
  • Flex your knees slightly and lean forward a little to get your body into the right posture.
  • The shaft of the ultra lob wedge must be perpendicular to the surface when you’re addressing the ball. Keep the club face of the wedge a little square.
  • Most probably you’ll be using the ultra lob wedge from a bunker, so you’ll be hitting down the ball. To achieve descending blow, let your left arm (in case of right-handed golfers) lead the downswing. This will also keep the club shaft slightly inclined forward at the time of the downswing.
  • Swinging too hard will only cause jerking, leading to a faulty shot. Look to accelerate through the ball and play a relaxed swing. Keep in mind that the backswing must be shorter than the follow-through. If you’re finishing the backswing at the point where the left arm is parallel to the surface, then you should’ve a full follow-through.

Golfers who employ the proper setup and swing dynamics will strike the ball cleanly and in the middle of the club face. A well struck ball will fly high in the air and land softly and come to halt with very little bounce and roll.

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