Great Ideas To Achieve A Perfect Backswing With Ease

There are several components involved in developing a good golf swing and translating that into consistent performance on the course. Those components include:

  • the grip
  • the stance
  • alignment
  • backswing
  • follow through

The backswing is not something that you can see when you take the club back but if you find that you are unable to hit the ball consistently the problem may well be in the backswing. One way that might help understand your swing and identify mistakes you might be making is to have your swing put on video. If you swing a few times you should be able to get a general idea of how you look. Compare that to a professional swing and you will see how much work you might need to do.

Your aim should be to think about the arc through which you are going to take the club with the mid-point of the two arcs, backswing and follow through, the actual strike that you want to go straight towards its intended target; it follows that the club face needs to be square to the ball.

In order to get order to get your club in the right position at the top of your backswing you need to have turned your shoulders and hips, shoulders probably twice the distance of your hips. Your head will obviously remain over the ball while this is happening and it is only after you have struck the ball will you begin to look up.

It may sound simple and if you have a talent for the game and you are prepared to practise then your swing in general should become second nature. The danger is that you let your arms take control instead of recognising that the arms are just a single part of the equation. The arms have done most of their jobs when you have taken the club halfway back. It is the continuing shoulder rotation that will get you into the ideal position at the top before starting on your downswing. In effect if you are a right handed golfer your left shoulder will be moving into your chin. If this is happening you will feel your left side stretching.

Golf is not an easy game; it is a challenge but an enjoyable one. If you can master the basics you should be able to score well as long as you take nothing for granted.

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