Tips That Can Help You Cure Golf Slice Without Effort

Slicing the ball results in loss of precious golf shots which no player wants as it would impact his/her overall score. The slice tends to affect the accuracy and distance of the stroke. You can get rid of this problem by doing some setup, stance, and swing adjustments. Let’s find out what the adjustments are:

Avoid Casting

Your right hand (in the case of the right-handed players) which is the dominant one that controls the speed of the swing can lead to a slice if you try to hit the ball with too much power. When you exert too much effort into the swing there is a good chance that you might release the club too early which results in an outside to inside path resulting in a slice. You can correct this issue called Casting by allowing the left hand to play a greater role in generating force in the swing. This will give you more control over the downswing, and create an inside to out swing path.

Curtail the Use of Wrists

The wrists, at best must act as the link between the arms and the hands and nothing more. Reduce the function of the wrists to avoid releasing the club early which causes casting of the swing. To avoid slicing you need to focus predominantly on the hip movement and shoulder turn rather than the wrists.

Move Instead of Turning the Hips

When golfers swing the club they turn the hips to generate the necessary club speed, but doing it too much can push the club forward resulting in an outside to in swing path. Hip turn is important, but it should be a slight turn. Until the point of impact the hips must move laterally and then after impact the hips must turn.

Keep the Head Down

It’s the natural impulse to see the target when golfers begin the swing. But, this can disturb your focus and create an outside to in path. We’re sure you would have been told millions of times by coaches and experts to raise the head only after the impact until then the head should be down.

Maintain an Evenly Paced Swing

The pace or tempo is unique to each golfer. Some like to swing slow and some fast, but you’re more likely to slice the ball when you swing fast. To reduce the chances of slicing the ball, try to slow down the pace of the swing.

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