Pulling The Driver: Golf Tips To Fix Your Errors

Don’t we all make mistakes? Yes, we certainly do. In golf, even the best players often make mistakes. But, the pros are good at spotting the errors and correcting them quickly. Today, we’ll delve on a common mistake players make when driving the ball. It’s true that the drive shot is the key to your success. Long, accurate drives can ensure you low scores and an easier time on the course. So, let’s discuss how to fix the golf pull shot.

The pulled shot in golf is the result of an outside-to-inside swing through the impact zone. When you pull with a square clubface the ball starts straight but flies to the left of the target. Whereas an open clubface will force a slice and make the ball fly left to right.

How to stop pulling the drive

Some experts blame faulty alignment for the error. When addressing the ball – the feet, hips, and the shoulders (i.e.) the body and the target line must be aligned. A simple drill will ensure that this happens. Place an extra club at the back of the ball in line with the target. Now, place another club parallel to the first club. The second club should be near your feet. Use it as an indicator and align your body to the target line. Practice your drive.

Sometimes during the backswing players tend to move the right elbow away from the ribs, which can lead to an outside-to-inside swing. To avoid the inadvertent moving of the right elbow (left elbow in the case of left-handed golfers) practice with a club shaft tied across your chest. This will force you to take the right elbow straight back, instead of moving away from the ribs.

The final fix to the pull shot is to have a more aggressive hip rotation during the downswing. This simple adjustment fixes multiple issues. The first is that your club head stays behind the shoulders. Second, your left hip must move faster so that the left shoulder doesn’t catch up with it, before or at the point of the impact. There is an interesting drill to ensure you have a rhythmic swing with an aggressive hip rotation. Take two clubs, the 7 and 8 iron would be ideal choices. Assume a normal stance and hold the clubs in each hand and attempt the swing. The trick is to swing the clubs without bumping them. It may take you some time to master this drill and get the swing right.

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