Recommendations That Will Surely Help You Learn To Play Golf

Very few things in life are guaranteed, but if you want to learn to play golf, the following recommendations will put you on a good path towards golfing greatness.

Patience is a virtue

Getting good at golf is a marathon not a sprint. The game will kick you down many times and you have to take a long-sighted view.

Focus scoring low rather than being impressive.

All the things that impress other golfers: powerful shots, aggressive club selection, ambitious plays, etc., will make you look good but won't help your score. Decide if you want to be an impressive looking golfer or good, low-scoring golfer.

Focus on your body.

Golf is a sport and there is no good trying to swing a certain way if your body won't let you. If you lack the flexibility in certain areas or strength in certain muscles, you need to address those with a fitness regimen. Have your swing motion assessed by a PGA professional to uncover your weaknesses.

Take lessons.

Lessons are all about "walking before you can run". Most people who start playing golf want to grab a club and head to the range to give it a smash. But the intelligent golfers focus on getting the fundamentals right before they try to hit the ball. A solid foundation will serve you for the rest of your golfing life. Find a good teacher and tell him or her that you want to master the fundamentals, the basics of golf.

Do the opposite of what most golfers do

Most golfers start from the tee and later learn to play on and around the greens. Even golf instructors begin teaching the longest clubs and not putting and chipping which is why so few golfers get good.

A counter-intuitive way to learn is to start on the green getting your putting stroke right. Once you can hole putts, get a wedge and learn how to chip. Once you can chip it close, move out to fifty yards and learn how to pitch. Only then should you move to the irons and the driver.

The five-point plan laid out here will not get you all the way to golfing mastery but will put you on the correct path. Once you are on the right road, it's all a case of practice and practice until you get to mastery.

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