How To Save Money Opting For Cheap Hotels In Albufeira

Albufeira in Portugal’s Algarve has a long history; it was formerly an important seaport though once Faro Airport was built in the 1960s the door was opened to mass tourism. Many flights gradually began to link many regions further north in Europe to this lovely part of Portugal. Around the same time as the airport was built, golf course development added to the attraction of the Algarve. Albufeira became a major beneficiary of those numbers and it remains so today.

There are several golf courses to choose from; indeed the whole region is so compact that selecting a base like Albufeira does not preclude going to any of the courses in the Algarve. The closest to this lively town is Salgados to the west as well as two 9 hole courses, Pine Cliffs and Balaia, to the east.

There is accommodation to suit most budgets, all comfortable and it makes sense when the major reason for having a holiday is the golf, the climate and the cuisine that your budget concentrates on those things. There are plenty of nice, value for money hotels in Albufeira which come highly recommended.

Good Value Accommodation in Albufeira

The Internet is an excellent source of information on some of the alternatives:

  • Bayside Salgados
  • Hotel Santa Eulalia
  • Hotel Da Gale
  • Hotel Vila Recife
  • Cheerfulway Polana Residence
  • Cheerful Oura Village Garden
  • Jardins de Santa Eulalia
  • Sao Rafael Suites
  • Marina Sol
  • Villas Barrocal

What do you want and need from your accommodation when you are enjoying the outdoor life in a great climate? Certainly you may well spend just a few hours a day indoors, or does that mean ‘night’? A comfortable bed after a hectic day should be quite sufficient but you will get more than that in all the names mentioned and in many more Albufeira alternatives.

The process of booking a holiday has become so much easier than it used to be. Travel agents have provided good service over the years but the interactive internet makes everything so much easier. It is possible to make bookings of all kinds online, flights, accommodation and even tee times and to get confirmations by return. The information is all there to read and think about. Once you have done all that and made some decisions you can either go ahead and book or leave it to someone who specialises in golfing holidays to put all the arrangements in place.

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