Best Golf Training For Beginners: A Great Set Of Advice

On the golf course, pros make the game look easy, but the fact is that golf is one of the most complicated games to master. Players are required to learn a wide range of skills to achieve a decent score. Sound advice can help beginners pick up the rudiments of the game quickly and efficiently. In this article, we’ve put together a great set of training advice for beginners.

  • It’s isn’t enough to align your feet to the ball. Most of the time, players who only focus on feet alignment wonder why the ball isn’t going right when their aim to the right. The reason is simple; golfers need to align their club face, shoulders, hips, knees, and the feet to make the ball fly in the direction they want.

  • Many golf coaches advice players to consider the club as an extension of the arms. To gain perfect control over the club and to make it truly an extension of the arms, players need to focus on the grip. Even when you’re not on the golf course or at the practice facilities, keep practicing the proper grip. Whenever you’re free, even at home, try holding the club for 30-seconds straight.

  • While taking a swing, the upper body sees a lot of action. This doesn’t mean the lower body isn’t important for the success of the swing. Actually, you hit the shot ground up. You need to have a good stance and a solid base to achieve perfect balance for the shot.

  • Using only the upper body to play the downswing increases the risk of a faulty shot. You need to involve the hips to generate the movement required for the downswing.

  • For every minute you plan to spend on the golf course, you need to spend an hour on the driving range. Furthermore, you need to plan and set clear goals for each session on the driving range. Make sure every session is at least 30-minutes long and you use at least 50 balls to practice swings.

  • Brush-up or re-learn the fundamentals of the game once a month. Allot not more than two days a month for this process.

  • It’s normal to go for the driver as soon you begin a practice session. Always focus on the short game shots first (i.e.) practice with shorter clubs in your bag and gradually move to the longer ones. Many experts are of the view that practicing with shorter clubs can help your posture and better your striking ability.

  • Learn the basics of the game, move to the practice range, and your next step should be to try out what you’ve learned on a par-3 golf course.

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