What Are The Green Fees At The St. António Golf Course?

If you are planning a trip to the St. Antonio golf course you may have questions about green fees. This may vary depending on when you book your tee time and what deals and discounts are available. You can get an idea of how much green fees are when doing research about the course online. There are a few sources online offering insight on what you will pay, but again it depends on when you book and when your tee time is scheduled. The following details may give insight on what you can expect when searching for green fees for St. Antonio golf.

General Idea of Green Fees

There are different fees available based on services provided. Fees can start at 40 euros with buggies at 30 euros and clubs at 15 euros per set. St. Antonio golf course offers a full line of services including pro shop, putting green, golf academy, and driving. Such fees will vary depending on how many holes and rounds. Many golfers are known to play this course more than once during their stay in the area. This course is another popular option for golfers along with Espiche, Palmares and Boavista Golf Courses.

Deals and Discounts Available

When booking tee time, look for deals and discounts. A number of places offering the option to book tee time online are known to offer discounts at roughly half off regular price depending on when you book. Look for websites offering golf packages. There are also golf course directories providing details on tee times and green fees. You may be able to get cheaper discounts when booking early, but this course is known as one of the most booked in Lagos, so plan your visit accordingly.

Check with the Golf Course before Booking

The St. Antonio golf course offers an amazing selection of services including horse riding, heated indoor and outdoor pools, health and beauty services, gymnasium, kids pool, tennis, and more. Checking in with the course prior to your visit allows you to learn about any deals or discounts currently available. The course may have special offers depending on when your tee time is scheduled. Since this is one of the most popular courses that is often booked, work to schedule tee time well in advance to get the time and date you want.

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