Five Simple Tricks For Making A Precise 30-Yard Bunker Shot

Many golfers want to know how they can hit long bunker shots or make a precise 30-yard bunker shot. Although, most of the golfers know how to hit a regular greenside bunker shot, they want to know how they can perfect their long bunker shots or a 30-yard bunker shot.

By making use of a nice technique, golfers can easily execute a precise 30-yard bunker shot, while taking the golf ball onto the fairway and making extra sand saves. This is how you can hit a nice 30-yard bunker shot by following these 5 simple tricks.

  1. Select the right club
  2. The first and foremost thing is to choose the right club for hitting a precise 30-yard bunker shot. In this case, you must remember that you must ‘club down’ more, as much far away you are from the fairway.

    This means that you must choose a seven or eight iron for playing such a shot, rather than a sand wedge or a lob wedge. Generally, tour players use such a club and sometimes even they also find it hard to hit precisely. Choose a club that has a left loft, so that you get more space for error, when you hit a bunker shot from a distance.

  3. Setup
  4. Distribute your weight accurately, while you take your stance to play this type of shot. Make sure that you evenly balance your weight between your feet, which is around 50% on your right leg and 50% on your left leg. Also, ensure to widen your posture more as compared to the stance that you make for playing regular bunker shots. This in turn, will bring you closer to the ground, lower your gravity center, and will make it easier for you to play the shot.

  5. Golf ball
  6. Place the golf ball forward of your stance and closer to your left foot, in case you are a right handed player and vice versa. Play the golf ball back in your stance for making a ball-first contact.

  7. The clubface
  8. Open the face of the club a little more, so that it gets exposed to the sand bounce. Ensure that you open the club face as much as you can take the full and the most confident swing. This will allow you to give more room for error, as you will not make contact with the golf ball.

  9. Swing
  10. You must swing in the length of your body line. Also, remember that when you take a backswing, rotate and open the clubface some more. This will help you during impact, so that you can return the handle and head of the club to the same position as during the address.

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