Top 5 Simple Golf Drills To Improve Your Short Game

Do you need to improve your short game? If yes, then this is the place where you can get some free golf tips to hone your short game skills. Just go through the following top 5 simple golf drills and see how your short game gets better, with more ups and downs.

  1. Real short game practice
  2. You should often bring a fundamental change in your short game practice drills. You must follow the ‘practice as you play’ philosophy. This means that you should simulate the fairway as much as you can. You must practice your routine, check that your process is the same, and consistently focus, no matter what kind of situation or shot it is. You should also work on your visualization and imagination.

  3. Use one club and two distances
  4. You must develop your feel, so that you can become a genius golfer who can play from 100 yards and within. In order to develop and practice your feel, you need to hit the shot several distances using the same club. You can even try this practice drill with your long game. Through this drill, you will be able to know how distant the pin is from you within 100 yards.

  5. See, feel and trust it
  6. This is one of the best drills to improve your chipping quickly in a short game. It works on using various clubs from an equal distance, in order to benefit from using less lofted clubs around the course. For practicing this drill, you need to follow the following steps:

    • Select a hole on the practice course that is approximately 20 to 25 ft away from the green’s edge.
    • Use your 6-iron to carry out your pre-shot routine.
    • Ensure that your pre-shot has three main steps, including visualization, feel, and trust.
    • When you have holed the shot using your 6-iron, repeat the procedure with your 7-iron.
  7. Break even
  8. The break even practice drill will help you to make your short game tough during a tournament. It will also help you in improving all aspects of your short game and will sharpen your mental toughness. Plus, it will keep you entertained and engaged in the whole process.

    • The setup: You are playing 3 to 50 feet off the green on a par 4 and your aim is to hole it in two for an even par.
    • The details: Select a hole on the putting fairway and find a spot from where you would like to practice your chips. Drop your bag or a club to mark the spot and take out two golf balls. Chip each golf ball towards the pin and putt them both out. Do this again with nine golf balls. Then, select a new spot and hole on the putting fairway to chip for the ‘back 9’.
    • The aim: Get near to breaking even on your round 18.
  9. Short game par 18 game

    For practicing this drill, follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Select nine locations from where you will play around the green. Three locations should be easy, three should be medium, and three should be difficult.
    • Every tiny hole is a par 2. By playing all nine holes, you will sum up to par 18.
    • Play all nine holes, make 18 your target, and maintain your score.

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